Saturday, April 17, 2010


On March 30, I wrote in my journal:  Louise at Recover Your Joy announced a "Get in Motion" campaign and every fiber of my body said, "Yes, let's do it!" and then thought, "Whew I've been like a gerbil on an exercise wheel already ... maybe I need to get out of motion ... maybe I need to settle ... but I can't settle yet, I've got to trek 1300 miles to pack and move my stuff and then trek the 1300 miles back. And, I still don't even know where I'm going to live or how to make the project I'm working on go forward." 

Perhaps the question is WHAT we put into motion.  Right now I need patience and a calm, one-step-at-a-time approach to the multitude of strings that are pulling at my mind.  I need to remember that life is perfect and while I obviously cannot control the circumstances that come my way, I can control my response to them. 

Eighteen days later I write:  I can feel myself settling into calm and a sense of "rightness" ... right place, right work, right people, right direction.  I'm not sure I've ever felt so aligned with the Universe.  I found a charming cabin on the lake where I can live until the bank and I come to agreement on my dream home.  I'm working on a project to document the success of an incredible new high school here in the foothills and that work is pulling me into lots of new thoughts about how to spread the word of the new school models that are showing up.  And, my friend of twenty years who helped me make this transition is now looking around saying, "This would be a great place to live." 

As I sit here looking out the window, sunlight brightens the tips of the pines and bird song fills the chilly air.  Much of the world seems shaken and battered, but here serenity spreads across the morning like golden molasses.  The delicate balance of being in motion and being at rest now definitely tilts toward full stop and I breathe in this welcome lull from the chaos and confusion of the past year.  It makes me wonder once again at the difference time makes and how quickly life can turn a corner and open up an entire new world.  Alice falls down a rabbit hole and discovers Wonderland and we think it's a fantasy story when it's really just life.


  1. So glad to see your post, Joyce. How wonderful that "right" feeling must be. I'm very happy for you.

  2. I've missed you terribly in the last week.... Glad to see you back on here sharing your good news

  3. Hello lovely Joyce -- ah yes, -- focus on the What -- they How will appear.

    So happy to see you here today -- and for your comment on my blog.

    So happy to hear your world is at one, aligned and complete as it is.

    So lovely to 'see' you!



  4. How lovely to find you've landed so squarely on your feet! Thanks so much for letting us know how right your life is right now...