Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Wonder Why?

I wonder why?
I wonder why I, who believes in no dogma,
Who can no longer wear the badge of Christianity
Keep asking myself, “What would Jesus do?"
And receiving an answer so different
from many I see around me?

I wonder why?
I wonder why we who live in the shelter
of freedom and abundance, allow mega-corps
a free ride while our wounded wander homeless,
our children go to bed hungry, and those who
have never known freedom or abundance
are turned away from our door?

I wonder why?
I wonder why we lock our doors at night and then
turn our backs on the creeping devastation coming our way?
I wonder why we still pour our money into weapons of mass
destruction as we climb into our cars and drink manufactured
water out of invincible bottles that will inherit our earth?

I wonder why?
I wonder why the heroes of our grandchildren are vampires,
zombies, and dead souls weaving their way through a dystopian
world without hope or reason, and if they inflict pain 
on their tender bodies in a search for art and meaning?

I wonder why?
I wonder why we lost our way?