About Joyce Wycoff

    Recently, I was struck by an epiphany: I crave stories more than chocolate.  

     And, while I love stories of all kinds, the ones I most crave are stories of transformation, stories where people have faced the joys and sorrows of life, grown through the stages of development, ridden the cycles of success and failure, and are still here, still learning, still cleaning up messes, still polishing the windows of our perception.

    We are the ones who can call ourselves survivors ... and, even better, we are thriving ... meeting life in the real world with hope and gratitude, resilience and wisdom, as well as the willingness to continually regroup and shift directions.

    In past incarnations (of this life), I was an accountant, a marketing person, an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of the InnovationNetwork which convened 14 international conferences focused on helping organizations build cultures that supported creativity and innovation. 

   About a year ago, my wise and talented friend Lynne Snead and I embarked on a deeper dive into gratitude. We had no expectation of this being a creative project; it was just something we were doing for ourselves ... until we started noticing strange and wonderful things happening.

The Gratitude Iceberg

There is a growing mountain of academic studies which have proven that practicing gratitude increases happiness, health, success and relationships. The deeper we went into our own gratitude journaling practice, the more our work and the studies, especially regarding neuroscience, made us realize that we had only been scratching the tip of the gratitude iceberg.

Slowly we started gathering more information, more ideas, more stories and finally, we recognized this as an integral piece of our life's work that we needed to share and Gratitude Mojo was born.

Newly Released with both ancient wisdom and
current neuroscience from over 200 leading thinkers,
researchers, and philosophers.
This transformational journal/workbook is now available as a printable pdf with an annual subscription to the Gratitude Mojo newsletter ... more information at https://GratitudeMojo.substack.com.

Books and Blogs:

Corona Wisdom, reflections and questions from a growing pandemic

- Sarana’s Gift, a young adult, fantasy novella

Specialty Journals:- Gratitude Miracles, the 5-minute journal that could change everything!
Non Fiction:
- To Do … Doing … Done! A Creative Approach to Managing Projects & Effectively Finishing What Matters Most (Simon & Schuster) with G. Lynne Snead
- Mindmapping, Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving (Berkley Books)
- Innovation Training (ASTD), with Ruth Ann Hattori
- Transformation Thinking (Berkley Books)
- Breakthrough Selling (Prentice-Hall), with Barry Farber
- Joy after the Fire, memoir (Self-Published)
- The Granary Tree, 4 volumes (Self-Pubished)
- I want to be a mockingbird (Self-Pubished)


  1. Hi Joyce,

    Love your tree of life. I would like to do a needlepoint o fit. Is the image copyrighted and if so may I have permission to make the needlepoint? Judy jak142@gmail.com

  2. Judy ... just sent an email but in case it has changed ... I am so sorry … Just noticed your request for permission to use my “Tree of Life” to make a needlepoint from February 24, 2017.
    The answer would have been yes and that I would like to see your work. I’m sometimes reuse titles so I’m not sure what image you’re referring to …
    however, if you are still interested, the answer is still yes and I'd still like to see your work.