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    Recently, I was struck by an epiphany: I crave stories more than chocolate.  And, the most fun is sharing really great stories with you!

     And, while I love stories of all kinds, the ones I most crave are women’s stories, especially stories from women who have lived long and gathered wisdom, gradually, over decades, sometimes like moss one tiny sprig at a time.

Those of us who have faced the joys and sorrows of life, grown through the stages of development, ridden the cycles of success and failure, and are still here, still learning, still cleaning up messes, still polishing the windows of our perception … we are the ones who can call ourselves survivors. We have “been there” and have stories to tell and wisdom to share.

     A new feature of this blog is Been There Voices, a special place for those stories and that wisdom. We invite you to dip into that refreshing pool of life stories … and join us by commenting or submitting your own stories. (See the submission guidelines on the Been There Voices page.)

The other new feature of the blog is the Gratitude Mojo page. Studies have proven that practicing gratitude is a simple way to increase happiness, health, success and relationships. However, to be truly effective it needs to become a habit. Gratitude Mojo combines the best habit formation techniques with the most effective gratitude practices to help you create

Gratitude Miracles

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Everything is a gift!

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So, whether you are 104 or 64, 87 or 17, join us on this wisdom path. You might just learn something at 32 or 52 that we finally learned at 72 and save twenty to forty years of life misfires.

    One lesson that came to me late in life is that we are all creative. While I had always been fascinated by creativity and ideas, I thought it was only for the talented, the stars, the geniuses. I was too busy making a life and career to listen to the whispering voice of creativity in my 20s and 30s. My 40s found me teaching creativity, telling students that everyone was creative, while thinking I was the lone exception to the rule.

Finally, my 50s arrived with a sledge hammer and I began to pay attention. Today, in my 70s, my deepest gratitude is that I finally listened, finally allowed space for creativity to play. Somewhere during my early 60s, I discovered that I was an artist. No one could have been more shocked! 

We invite you to join us and discover the you that lies below the layers of time and expectations. One way to make sure you don't miss anything is to subscribe to the biweekly ode to nature, art, beauty, and gratitude. It is a fountain of wisdom. Simple sign up form is on the right column of this page.

Here's a tiny story with the piece of art it birthed:

When I lived on Lake Chapala in Ajijic, Mexico, a friend and I visited the small Pueblo Mágico of Jiquilpan. One night we walked back to our hotel on Calle Arteaga, named for a general although all I saw was the "art" part. The photo continued to call to me and, eventually, it became a street gallery of modern artists. There are about 15 different artists represented in this image.

Calle Arteaga

My first love these days is my journal ode to nature, art and life: The Granary Tree. Volume 4 has just been released and is available free here digitally ... or available in print ... just email me at jwycoff at me dot com for details.

Click here for FREE digital copy.

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Books and Blogs:
- The Granary Tree,  celebrating the wonders of the journey
- Corona Wisdom, reflections and questions from a growing pandemic


- Sarana’s Gift, a young adult, fantasy novella

Specialty Journals:- Gratitude Miracles, the 5-minute journal that could change everything!
Non Fiction:- To Do … Doing … Done! A Creative Approach to Managing Projects & Effectively Finishing What Matters Most (Simon & Schuster) with G. Lynne Snead
- Mindmapping, Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving (Berkley Books)
- Innovation Training (ASTD), with Ruth Ann Hattori
- Transformation Thinking (Berkley Books)
- Breakthrough Selling (Prentice-Hall), with Barry Farber
- Joy after the Fire, memoir (Self-Published)


  1. Hi Joyce,

    Love your tree of life. I would like to do a needlepoint o fit. Is the image copyrighted and if so may I have permission to make the needlepoint? Judy jak142@gmail.com

  2. Judy ... just sent an email but in case it has changed ... I am so sorry … Just noticed your request for permission to use my “Tree of Life” to make a needlepoint from February 24, 2017.
    The answer would have been yes and that I would like to see your work. I’m sometimes reuse titles so I’m not sure what image you’re referring to …
    however, if you are still interested, the answer is still yes and I'd still like to see your work.