Friday, January 15, 2021

Olalaberry Lonesome

Olalaberry Lonesome

by Joyce Wycoff

Words call like forgotten lovers,
detouring sleep into lost alleyways.

    Ambergris … aardvark
    Adenoids … alchemy
    Aubergine … apoplectic
    Abattoir … argle-bargle
Jigsaw puzzle pieces … 
Seventeen sometimes … 
Dusty, wind-blown words 
follow Highway 66 
like high plains drifters. 

    Dweeb … dangle
    Doggerel … decidophobia
    Dillydally … doodle
    Dandelion … dotish

Every lost word frazzle-worn
from endless attention clamoring

    Calamity … catacombs
    Cabochon … cabriolet
    Candescent … calumny 
    Candalabra … constellate

Purple words with chartreuse edges.  
Dusty, old maid words left too long on the shelf.
Zingy words, here today and  tomorrow … poof!

    Pabulum … paparazzi  
    Pattycake … pendulum
    Panache … palpable
    Pandemonium … pecuniary

Lonely, lost, abandoned, alone,
Solo, solitary, isolated, inconsolable,
Deserted, desolate, empty, estranged,
Rejected, renounced, forgotten, forsaken.

Waiting to be embraced, entwined,
Folded, fondled, cradled and cuddled,
Hugged and held once again 
In the family of words.

    Warp … washout
    Wheelhouse … whiffle
    Wondermonger … warble
    Whack … wobble

Olalaberry lonesome no more.


  1. But if you are a reader, these words can be found in books by great authors. Old, dead or still living authors who know know the power of the words they use to write. I love finding a word I don't know the meaning of or how to use it and the journey that leads me to take to find the answer.