Sunday, January 24, 2021

Warrior Spirits, Art as Writing Prompt

Flying Teepees by Becky Ripley

Recently, Becky Ripley shared her amazing art with me in the form of a set of greeting cards. I coveted them too much to think about sending them to others, so I began to take each one as a writing prompt. It amazes me to see how these images take me into unexpected territory.

Here's the writing that came from this sparkling image:

Warrior Spirits

It is said that when a brave one is lost in battle, Great Spirit lures him home with a glowing teepee. Hidden by moon and stars, these bright sanctuaries can only be seen by spirits as they leave torn bodies behind, and by a few heart-pained land-walkers.

After a great battle, these golden banners shine in the night sky, beckoning the broken warriors, reflecting the river of tears to come, heralding a time of mourning. Throughout three days and three nights, the shining path flames, while flute players sing their spirit-healing songs and beating drums call the warrior spirits to their next journey in another land.

For three and thirty nights, the land melds into the blood and bones. Winds carry the sounds of grief through the leafless fingers of trees while coyotes howl in fury as the earth beneath them cracks. 

Much is lost; little is gained.
Other Art as Writing Prompt Images:

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