Thursday, August 18, 2011


As I've been playing with the five universal symbols, I added the circumpunct, a circled dot, another ancient symbol that has long represented the sun.  It is also a symbol for gold and the archangel Michael. Perhaps the most profound explanation of the symbol is that the circle represents the perfection and all encompassing infinity and power of God and the dot within it represents our place within God.

Doing this series based on the five universal symbols is very meditative and feels a little like doing a mandala.  I especially like the glow of this one.  It is a challenge to find ways to link these symbols and then exciting to see color and texture flow into the flat, black and white symbols. It would be fun to do one every day but I'd have to get a whole lot faster so I'll let them come at their own speed for awhile.

Of course, like all good symbols, there's controversy surrounding this one involving Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, but the dotted circle, regardless of what we call it or what stories it stars in, remains one of the oldest of civilization's symbols.


  1. what a wonderful series. Each one is different, and the same.. Followers are back!

  2. This is beautiful.

    Question... what are the other four universal symbols? Did I miss a post?

  3. You're right about that glow. It draws one into the image.

  4. Thanks all ... the 5 universal symbols are: circle, triangle, square, equilateral cross and spiral. I feel like I'm getting down to basics with these.

  5. Really dig your work - the universal symbols + colors + patterns you've used are in great harmony (=