Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun at the Circus

So finally, what is art? Privacy exposed to radiant light.
  --  Mu Xin 

Four of us women artists have formed a new mastermind group with an initial objective of having a joint show sometime next year.  At our last meeting we decided to do a monthly challenge to stretch us in our art, with the first challenge being to do something we don't normally do. I usually start a piece with a representational image, something that calls to me, but yesterday, with our challenge in mind, I decided to go more abstract and just play with shapes, colors and textures.  

So far two new pieces have come out of this process and this one is the second.  This making of art often makes me laugh.  It is so unexpected and surprising.  I was just playing along not knowing where I was going when I decided I needed a Photoshop tutorial on lines, which led me to a YouTube video which was primarily about arrows.  I wasn't interested in arrows but the instructor demonstrated what happens when you don't leave enough space for the arrowheads ... which turned out to be a very interesting shape.  I started playing with it and the shape became a person leaping and when I dropped that into the piece I was working on, it transformed the whole thing into a circus.

So, here it is ... Fun at the Circus.  And, what could you do today that you don't normally do?


  1. Your group sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. that piece is amazing!!! Look forward to it being in the gallery, it looks 3 dimensional.

  3. Your group does sound fun and inspiring! What a brilliant idea!