Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Louise Gallagher’s Rebellion: She Persisted

Artist: Louise Gallagher
Eight years ago I met a blog sister: Louise Gallagher. She’s from Canada and we’ve never met in person. However, our paths have interwoven through the years through our blogs, emails and an occasional Skype. I have come to love this woman for her heart, spirit and joy of living.

Louise is one of the most heart-centered, creative people I’ve met on my journey. Recently, she was inspired by the Congressional shunning of Elizabeth Warren and the words: "Nevertheless, she persisted” bitterly uttered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when she refused to bow to his will. (He must truly regret that bit of oratory and the women's movement it launched.)

After watching the actions of Senator Warren and hearing the dismissive words of Senator McConnell, Louise vowed to do a series of twelve paintings with the theme of “she persisted.” She has now completed 44.

Louise says: 
This series is my rebellion.

I am not a placard bearing, slogan chanting protester. I am strong and forthright. Willing to step in and be heard. In my way.
Louise’s rebellion inspires me, gives me permission to be socially active … my way. I highly recommend connecting with Louise and her words and art through her blog:


  1. How inspiring and pertinent to our lives today. Thank you.

  2. Heart-centered: a wonderful description of our friend.

  3. Oh my. thank you Joyce! And Maureen -- I am so grateful for how our paths have been interwoven and intertwined since that time 8 years ago when we first began our encounters online. Funny how after all this time, I still feel so connected and heart-woven with both of you.

    thanks for the beautiful shout-out Joyce -- You inspire me. Many hugs.