Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 5 Implementation: Edgy Amber

Edgy Amber
It’s Saturday morning. Even though I’m retired and nothing external differentiates my days, Saturday mornings still feel different … free, lazy, open to whatever comes my way. 
What came my way this morning was a conversation I had this week from a man who had been deported from the US and separated from his family.

Regardless of political positions, his is a disturbing story of a person who has worked hard all his life and now finds himself homeless, without family support, and disconnected from everything he has known. HIs story haunts me and, with my morning cup of coffee, I started writing a blog post about him and the current political situation.

An hour went by before I remembered my morning routine and asked myself: Is this how I want to spend my time? Not that writing about the world’s situation is a bad thing … just, is this what excites me? Is this what I want to create?

So, I went to my journal and asked the three morning questions and decided today would a play date. A companion on the Awake journey made a comment about a Photoshop technique I had never used … one that turned out to be a previously unopened toy box. 

"Edgy Amber" emerged from that toy box many hours later. I won't call it art but where else could I play with Mardi Gras beads, masks, party store supplies and my first digital painting? Edgy Amber is the name of one of the effects available from Photoshop's Color Lookup, my new toy box.

This post was prompted by Sebastian Michael's "21 Days to Creative Living" and "Photoshop Artistry" programs. More information here.


  1. I love what you have created -- and his story sounds disturbing -- I created No. 45 of my #ShePersisted series today.

    The muse is a creative soul seeking release. :)

  2. BTW -- I am grateful for you today. You inspired me to sign up for the 21 day course. :) Thanks my friend!

  3. Oh, Louise ... how fun. I'm looking forward to hearing your reactions and experiences. And, love the latest She Persisted.