Saturday, August 26, 2017

Art gallery launch … Everyday Beauty

Three Fledglings

After two fairly intensive months of study and contemplation about what I want to share with my art … and thanks to the brilliant Awake program for digital artists begun by Sebastian Michaels … I am ready to launch my new digital art gallery and create a new look here.

This blog is almost nine years old and has been my rudder for the rather chaotic past nine years. During this time I have lost parents, friends, homes, financial security and my beloved Missy. I have moved seven times across three states and two countries. One constant across all that change has been photography and digital art. It has introduced me to amazing artists, new friends, and opened up aspects of myself that I never knew existed.

Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to be an artist. This kid from Kansas never even contemplated this possibility.

You can visit the new digital art gallery by clicking here or on “Digital Art Gallery” above. This is where all my new art will be exhibited and discussed. If you are so inclined, it also offers three different print options: canvas wrap, dibond metal, and photo mount on acrylic, and various sizes.

About: Three Fledglings

It was almost dark when I heard the fledglings carrying on from their nest under the eaves of a shop on the village street. I could see the nest, but it was an awkward angle and the light was dim at best. But, they were so cute. So, while their parents watched warily, I leaned the camera against the wall, pointed straight up and set it on multiple shots. It's not one of those breath-taking shots that real bird photographers get, but it warmed my heart.

I feel like I'm one of those fledglings ... flight is within my grasp but this nest is so comfy. It reminds me of the Mercedes ad from 2000 ...
Live. A lot. 
Unleash yourself upon the world and go! 
Go now! And fly free in the frowning face of convention. 
Giggle.  No laugh.  No, howl as if you've never grown up. 
Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it! 
Take it all in.  Yes every last rose and every single breath.


  1. I celebrate with you! And thanks for the everyday beauty of those fledgings.

  2. Much appreciate the very words used to relate life as we know it my new friend. I have had the mud nest of swallows under my eves in many places life has taken me and they bring both joy of seeing the new development and growth, and the sadness that can only come with their departure.

  3. Steven ... thank you for your comment. It's always wonderful to have companions on the journey. Funny how hard I had to work for that little picture and how much I treasure it now. Maybe that's part of the adventure. Your illustrations are delightful!