Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Jungian Fable

Once upon all time, a boy child was born in a land of mountains by a great, blue lake.  A lonely, only child, he played alone, daydreamed or strolled through the woods alone, creating a secret world of his own design.  He dreamed of places he had never visited, of people he had never met, of stories he had never heard.  On his breastplate, he wrote, "I am a solitary," and he walked into life.

Called by art and nature, soul and science, heart and mind, word and image, he dreamed himself onto the world stage as a storyteller, artist, scholar, healer, writer and disciple of the illusive butterfly of psyche's wisdom. Deeper and deeper into the myth he strode leaving footprints of giants and bread crumbs of ideas, dreams and myths for followers to tend and decipher.

He spread a banquet of symbol and sign across the table of time and invited all to dine at the creative feast.  People the world around came to sit as his feet and called him wise.  He replied, "I am also an old fool."  As he lay dying he bequeathed his work to those who suffer and the marker on his grave stone reads, "Called or not, God will be present." Carl Jung.

** I found an almost-fable at the beginning of The Wisdom of the Dream, The World of C.G. Jung by Stephen Segaller and Merrill Berger.  It made me want to write in a more complete fairy tale style but I need to give them credit for the idea and for the borrowings.  I hope this is in the realm of "creative" plagiarism.

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