Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lesson from Bodie

Bodie, the Master
Yesterday was Missy's first visit to her new groomer.  That's where we met Bodie, a blue-eyed, giggling toddler.  Bodie and I had an instant connection ... for him it was probably just a bright diversion in a new day ... for me it was smile enchantment.  Whatever it was, he made a beeline for me with that "hug me" look on his face and I just melted around his warm, little body.  It was a complete, total, love at first hug moment.

I glowed all the way home and then wondered what life would be like if we all had that infectious laugh and the impulse to joyously embrace everyone we meet.  Bodie is 19 months old ... I wonder how long he will be able to hold onto that open, unconditional love for everything and everyone who comes his way.  Even more, I wonder how I can be more like Bodie.

Bodie is already a Master.  He knows what most of us spend a life-time learning ... or relearning -- he knows how to be present in the moment, how to genuinely accept and embrace a stranger without reservations or judgment, how to laugh at the smallest things and how to radiate joy.  Did we all know this when we were 19 months old and just forget?


  1. I think it's not that we forget but that experience changes us.

  2. Maureen ... I'm sure you're right but I also think we have forgotten that we were once in this place of openness and joyfulness. Maybe that's why we are so enchanted by children ... they remind us of that place.

  3. What a delight he is..geez...that wonder you fell in love. I know that children enchant me in the way that they encourage us to play and wonder...I love to see things with new eyes. This playful, joyful, open, acceptance of other humans is something that can be experienced in the dance community....pretty cool stuff.
    I hope you are loving you're new home...xo

  4. I agree -- it is both, experience and forgetfulness -- and life is our journey of relearning how to be of childlike heart, full of wonder, full of awe.

    Hugs -- lovely photo. Lovely post.