Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crime Blotter Tales

Breakfast time!
The police blotter is always a fun part of small town papers but the writer here in Arroyo Grande has a flair I've not seen before.  Here are some actual happenings here on the central coast ... as reported by an unknown comic:
A man, with obviously high-falutin' taste, stole a ring from WalMart and got caught.  The poor sap returned the ring.
A man was arrested for being pickled in public by Mission Community Bank.
A caller reported a transient man with a bike was screaming.  Police caught up with the squealer and he told them he had yelled when his bike fell over and hurt his finger.
Police were unable to locate two surfers who got into an argument.  One said he was going to go back to the car, get his gun and kill the other one.  Way to harsh his mellow, dude.
A man was arrested for being Schiltz faced at Soto Sports Complex.
I guess crime is rampant everywhere.


  1. Good for this writer! Our local paper tends to have a lot of fun with lost pets and wild animals.

  2. But so entertaining when reported with flair!!!!

    Well done reporter dude!