Monday, May 21, 2012

Joy Moments

The bowl I keep my "Joy Moments" in
Three years ago. when it felt like my life was falling apart ... again, I started a process of finding a "joy moment" every day and taking the time to celebrate it on a little card with a sketch.  It was a centering process that helped me find gratitude every day.  As my life started to get better, the process fell away, forgotten.

Today I found that stash of joy moments and as I read through them, I felt that deep peace that they helped me find during that stress-filled time.  

So I have now resolved to make it a daily practice.  ... To take the time to identify and honor those small moments that add up to harmony and joy.  To know that I have time for joy ... time for beauty ... time to reflect ... time.

In whatever way that makes sense for you, I encourage you to celebrate your own joy moments.  Here's one of my cards ... obviously not a work of art ... just a captured memory.


  1. Actually, I think it is a work of art Joyce. It is a reflection of your creative, and grateful, soul.

    Hugs -- brilliant idea.

    I am still taking a photo and writing a poem a day for C.C. It has deeply enriched my world.

  2. Oh - I like this idea. I am off to find a bowl or basket to hold my moments.

  3. I am liking this SO much! I'm thinking this needs to become a practice for me, too... Thanks for yet another inspiration!

    Many hugs, my dear...

  4. Thanks for your comments ... I'm glad you like the idea and hope to hear about your experiences with it.

  5. YES! What a perfect way to celebrate gratitude!