Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seeds of Change

When does change begin?  

Yesterday may have launched a change ... or maybe not.  I won't know for awhile but it makes me marvel once again at the small things, the unrecognized-at-the-time things that happen that herald a major change but we don't see the connection until long afterwards when we can look back and say, "It all started there."

I'm wondering if yesterday was one of those moments.  It was an ordinary day ... a few planned projects and errands but mostly open space.  As I was checking off the errand list, I decided at the last minute to stop by the frame store and get a mat cut.  The conversation wandered off and the frame guy suggested that I check out a new print process ... at McDonalds!  Turns out that a Yosemite photographer had photos hanging there using the new process.

The path of my day veered into the McDonalds parking lot but I wonder if it was a more significant turn.  I loved the photographer's work and the process which eliminates the need for glass, mats and frames.  His phone number was on his write-up so I called him.  He answered, "I must be in trouble" and I laughed.  A few minutes later he was sitting on my deck, looking at my art and talking about possibilities, interesting possibilities.

It could all be smoke and mirrors, of course, but all things start with small seeds of possibilities.  Maybe this is one ... maybe it isn't.  But I'm now looking at things in a different way ... and that alone could be the seed of change.

About the image:  Seed of Change

My friend Diane at Contemporary Photography always seems to be a step ahead of me, challenging me to try new things.  She has an amazing image on her blog this morning and her framing technique called to me so I blissfully borrowed the idea.  

The central image is a photo I took at the breakfast table trying to read an inscription on a ring found at a garage sale.  The frame image is a view out my office window.  I was only wanting to try the technique when I started this image so I was shocked when it seemed to mirror so closely this morning's writing.


  1. wow -- that is a very cool photo.

    For the book launch/photo exhibit, I had one photo mounted on metal -- it's the photo for the word DETERMINATION -- a pair of work books entirely encased in duct tape. The printer printed the photo directly onto the metal and it looks fabulous!

    Like your photo -- fabulous!

    Here's to seeds and how they grow.

  2. You and Dianne both wow me, often, with the images you create from other images.

    The print process you mention sounds very interesting. I'm eager to know more about it.

  3. Joyce, this is SO COOL!!!! Isn't this a fun journey we're on? And I want (of course) to know more about the new process. Is it, as Louise suggests, metal? Or something else?