Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Book Adventure

Book:  Dragon Country ... an adventure in transforming your life.
Action:  Please go to to get your free video synopsis and vote for me.

Sometimes you turn a corner and hardly notice it until months or years later when you look back and say, "Wow, it all started with ...."  This time I turned a corner and knew it immediately as I was sucked into whirlwind.  It started innocently enough ... just another email invitation, one of many.  But, timing is everything and apparently it was the right time even though I was already on the late side and would have to run to catch up.

The invitation was to enter the Hampton Roads "Top Self-Help Author" competition.  I had noted their earlier "spiritual author" competition and enjoyed voting for several of the candidates so when this email landed, it was like all the cherries lined up on the slot machine and said, "This is it."  It's more than just a competition ... it's also 4 and a half months of teleconferences and information about how to publish in the new world we're in where publishers say, "Once you've written a book, you're 5% done."  (The rest is marketing.)

Joining the competition meant immediately making a video pitch and putting up a mini-website.  How simple those words sound.  Fortunately a friend could help me with the website but I was on my own with the video and it pushed every button I have and threw me into meltdown at least a dozen times over the past week and a half.  The learning curve was virtually perpendicular and I kept falling off ... finally I had a draft and a coach to give me feedback.  He said I was about "half there" so I started over. 

I still didn't get "there" but I do have a pitch for a book that I'm very excited about and would love to have your support.  Part of the competition is getting people to vote for us and pass along the information to their friends and relatives.  You can learn more about the book and the competition and how to vote for me at

I am almost finished with a fun, fast video synopsis and I'd love to send it to you ... just register when you go to the website.  And, please vote.


  1. I'm thrilled for you. We're all behind you!

  2. Absolutely. Behind you. With you. For you. Go Joyceann Go!