Saturday, February 5, 2011

Neruda's Memoirs

Maureen Doallas in Section II of her new book of poetry,  Neruda's Memoirs, states:
Picasso once said, "To draw is to shut your eyes and sing."  To write poetry,  I would say, is to close your eyes and listen."
For a very long time, I knew to close my eyes but could not make the listening work.
The pain of loving what too soon would end, broke open her listening and poetry poured out of her ... into her blog ... into this beautiful new collection published by T.S. Poetry Press.

One of the many poems I treasure is shared below:

"What I really like

is how words
aren't needed

to hold in mind

the slant the sun takes
when it pitches
a fit

of rays on the sea
at dusk

or the cut-through line
at the horizon's edge

once you've pulled back
and turned
for one last look

at the world

you've traveled to
and through

to reach home.

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  1. Joyceann,

    I'm touched to be featured here. Thank you for your generous words, blog sister.