Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Gratitude: Blog Goddesses

I was so committed to meeting my Sunday gratitude commitment yesterday that I grabbed the first thing that occurred to me.  I still think the Martha Graham quote is powerful and inspiring, but immediately after posting, I realized that I really wanted to focus on a different gratitude: goddesses ... specifically blog goddesses ... extra specifically MY blog goddesses.

I was especially motivated toward this gratitude because I had just finished being inspired by Diane Walker's new book on goddesses ... which if you haven't seen it, click here immediately.  (The image shown here is her goddess of flamboyance.)

A year ago this Wednesday, I started a blog (after being inspired and encouraged by Diane) ... it seemed like a better thing to do than to ruin all my friendships with my endless carrying on about the state of my life.  I was immediately embraced by a group of wise, wonderful, generous women who are each goddesses in their own rights.  There are many wonderful blogs out there and many that I never miss but there are three blog goddesses that I'd like once more to express my undying gratitude to:

     Diane at Contemplative Photography ... some of the best photography and imagery you'll see anywhere on the internet along with insightful meditations on her daily life and, as if all of the above wasn't enough, beautiful, inspiring poetry. 

     Louise at Recover Your Joy ... stories that will break your heart, make you laugh out loud or think about life in a different way ... sometimes all in the same day. 

     Maureen at Writing without Paper ... throw away your newspapers, turn off the TV news and just read this blog ... you will be happier, live longer and know that the world is a truly amazing and beautiful place. 


  1. I feel so very honored, Joyceann. Delighting in your friendship. Grateful for all that you give back through your own words.

  2. Yup. I'm with Maureen. Honoured. Humbled and Inspired :)

    (I was looking for a third H but Inspired fit better!):)

    "Meeting' you and Diane and Maureen has been an amazing gift.

    and I too love Diane's book. My copy arrived on Thursday and it's so beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Was I out of town when you wrote this? Oh, right; it was the week I was in VT. How wonderful to discover this while browsing through, being sure I haven't missed anything...

    Love you!