Thursday, September 30, 2010

5/82: Live Music

After having a feast of live music at the weekend flute festival, Tuesday night there was a local concert by the folk duo "Small Potatoes." While their choice of names is a little questionable, their music makes you laugh, sing along, think a little and sometimes find tears welling up.

My two favorites are on their YouTube video above ... The Waltz of the Wallflowers written by Jacquie Manning humorously captures the feeling of being on the outside looking in that most of us can identify with. 1000 Candles 1000 Cranes written by Rich Prezioso is a touching story of two minor characters in a major world event.

I've been thinking a lot about the lives of musicians since the past week has offered such a banquet of live music. There's not much logic in being a musician at this level ... bad hours, an itinerant lifestyle, living on "love offerings" and CD sales ... and yet they persist. Jacquie and Rich are accomplished musicians and song writers and they have been performing together for 18 years. They obviously love the music and their lives as musicians and their passion and craft enriches those of us who get to hear them.

Beyond the joy of the music, seeing all of these people live their passion is a great reminder that life may be limited but living joyfully is not limited ... it is our choice.


  1. Living joyfully is... our choice: Yes!

    I enjoyed the video. Thank you.

  2. Hello my wise friend!

    Living joyfully is not limited -- it is our choice.


    I'm choosing to live joyfully in New York for this week :)