Saturday, September 18, 2010

Die in This Moment

A friend sent me the YouTube video of Eric Whitacre's "virtual choir" and I suddenly wanted to know more about this guy.  The video below gives you an overview of his work.  One of the statements he made that stopped me was when he was talking about the beauty of the close harmony in choral music.  He says it was so beautiful that he wanted to "die in the moment."   It made me think about those things that are so ecstatically beautiful that we could die at that moment and be happy.

Whitacre's virtual choir started when a young girl sent him a video of her singing one of his songs.  He thought it would be great to have hundreds of people singing together through the medium of video.  The link above takes you to the virtual choir ... and makes me ponder the incredible creativity in the world.  If we could focus more of our time and resources on this beauty and talent, perhaps we would have a different kind of world.

Take a moment, brew a cup of tea and enjoy listening and watching this passionate man and all these talented singers creating beauty.


  1. I've listened to the virtual choir before. Such beautiful music-making. Isn't it wonderful how excited Whitacre sounds as he describes his passion?

    (Plus, he's so good-looking!)

  2. LOL -- I'm with Maureen -- he's yummy looking!

    and talented too.

    I too have heard and seen the choir video -- but never the interview with him. Wow!

    Thanks Joyceann.