Friday, August 27, 2010

High Mountain Reverie

Louise at Recover Your Joy has an interesting post this morning about talking to our elder and younger selves.  It reminded me of this poem I wrote years ago.  It puzzled me at the time but now begins to seem like an old friend.

High Mountain Lake Reverie

While walking along the shore
Of a high mountain lake
In a darkened hour of my middle years,
I met a young girl and knew her awkward pain.

Her life flashed through my skin
And I stopped to give her hope.
I could not tell her how I knew
So I simply touched her cheek and said,
“You will love much and be loved.”

Her eyes grew wide as she stepped aside
And continued on her way
As those words rebounded down the years
And brushed my heart with a feather of joy.

I continued round the rocky shore
Till I met a woman in her latest years.
Her step was frail and slow;
Her eyes reflected the setting sun.

As she drew near, she reached out
Her fragile arm, touched my cheek and said
“You will love much and be loved,”
Then continued on her way.

I whirled around -- across the lake,
the young girl hopped across the rocks.
On this side, the old woman shuffled away
Leaving me alone
Walking along the shore
Of a high mountain lake
Watching the play of light
Across the silver water.



  1. It is interesting to think how the elder self would greet the younger many years into the future. I might have to try the idea as a prompt.

    Thank you for sharing your poem. I like your use of "touched her cheek" as a gesture signifying wisdom and the details such as "frail and slow" and "reflected the setting sun" to describe the wise elder.

  2. Feather of joy
    she gives...... iLike :)

  3. Oh Joyceann -- this is so beautiful and soft and gentle and loving.

    Thank you!