Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creativity Infusion

Thanks to Maureen at Writing without Paper, I just spent 16 incredible minutes having creativity injected straight into my veins.  Marian Bantjes is a new hero and I hope you take time to watch her talk.


  1. I am always so surprised to see my name come up. Thank you, Joyce. I was very taken with her, as you could tell, enough so I listened a couple of times to get her quotes right. I'm so pleased by the reception to the post.

    Her valentine project alone hooked me. It was astonishing. I spent a lot of time on her Website.

  2. Blew me away, likewise! I can't stop thinking about her life. Wish there was another word besides inspiration......a more than that word.

  3. Kathleen ... you're right ... inspiration isn't quite enough ... she's a wake-up jolt. I felt alarms going off, clanging "be who you are."

    Maureen ... I, too, loved the valentine project. It has started all kinds of wheels turning. Thanks so much for turning us on to her.