Sunday, November 13, 2022

Gratitude Mojo: How can you boost your confidence?

What do you want to accomplish this week?

Is it a stretch for you?
If it is, you may need an extra dose of confidence.
Here's a magic formula:
Reflecting on your past successes boosts confidence;
confidence boosts energy and motivation;
energy and motivation boost life and success.


Recently caught my attention with their tagline: Because your age is just a number. They help women over 50 reinvent their lives and I loved this quote about how our brains work:

When you’re reinventing, there are three important things to remember about your brain:

1. It has a negativity bias

2. It seeks evidence

3. It makes up stories

That may sound daunting, but it actually contains the keys to greater success if we understand how to work with our brains rather than against them.

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