Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Granary Tree, Volume 3 - Flower Moon


 This issue of The Granary Tree could be summarized by the back cover quote: "The whole of life lies in the verb seeing." -- Teilhard de Chardin.

I've seen a lot in the past three months ... from snow in Julian to the peaceful expanse of Lake Almanor. From black oak spring to scarlet snow plants. From a crab on the northern coast to a lost feather to a story about trying to give a pill to Major Bear. Also, two color master guest artists and two photographers who hiked into the Eastern Sierra in order to capture the supermoon eclipse of the Flower Moon.

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Photo: Vahé Peroomian
Art: Gerald Stone

Palomar Mountain granary tree

Artist: Carol McIntyre

Journey through Northern California, including FreakOut

Major Bear

Peaceful Lake Almanor

Snow Plants


Spring black oak leaves

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