Saturday, December 19, 2020

Who are the moon dancers? art as writing prompt

Moon Dancers by Becky Ripley  
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Who are the moon dancers?

by Joyce Wycoff

women. women celebrating life. celebrating tribe.
dancing connection. dancing joy into the night.

unfettered by custom and cloth
undaunted by shoulds and shouldn'ts
wild rhythms shaking belly and breasts.

sparks from the communal fire
shooting into dark sky, 
meteor bits streaking silver echos,
bedazzling dancers and unseen eyes.

drums drumming; blood thrumming,
cells loosening, remembering ancient 
joinings in shadowed crevices
softened by undulating strands of seduction
entwining now and forever
in moments of generosity. 
women dancing.
women moon dancing.
join in. 

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