Saturday, December 12, 2020

Sharing is caring: A story of Sapphire the Fairy

One lonely night in the midst of a pandemic, a sad woman who couldn’t sleep walked through the dark, empty streets. In front of one house she found a little fairy garden at the base of a tree with a note about a 4-year old girl who also felt lonely because of the pandemic and wanted to spread some cheer. 
The woman felt a tug at her heart and the next day she wrote a note to the little girl pretending to be a fairy named Sapphire who had come to live in the tree because it was such a lovely garden. In the note Sapphire said she would gift the little girl with some magical fairy dice if she did these things: 
 - say 5 nice things to people you love
- do 3 helpful things for someone in need
- promise to always be kind and brave and to show love to those in need
- draw a picture of your favorite animal so I can show the other fairies  ;-)
If these things are done, I will leave the magical dice here Friday morning for you. Be sure to share them if anyone helps you with these tasks.
Sharing is caring!!
love, Sapphire
Sapphire didn't know if the little girl would find the note or if she would respond but it was fun imagining how she would respond.

The next night on her walk, she did find a note from the little girl ... one that made her burst into tears.
Dear Sapphire 

Thank you for leaving the note in my fairy garden. I did the things you asked.

    - I sent mail to 5 of my friends and family telling them nice things
    - I delivered birthday things to my friend for his birthday today
    - I picked up trash and recycling around our neighborhood
    - I set the table and helped mommy and daddy with chores and with my baby sister

I am so excited for the magical lucky dice! I am so happy you live in this tree. I made a picture of two piggies for you because they are my favorite. I hope you like it. I love you.
Also I promise to be kind and brave and always show love to those in need.
Sapphire left a bunch of her glittery dice for the little girl (and a note to her parents with her contact info so they wouldn't worry about strangers).

The notes continued and Sapphire discovered that the dice were very special because the little girl and her parents had been playing a game that included dice and now she had her very own magical lucky dice.

Later, the woman told this story and said, "Doing this every night gave me purpose in a horribly painful and lonely time. I looked forward to my days again and I started ordering art supplies and little trinkets to leave her. We wrote back and forth throughout the last 9 months, helping each other feel less lonely and I got to chat with her mom via text to make sure my gifts were a little more personal. At one point she asked for a photo of me and thankfully I had some elf costume items from the previous Halloween so I photoshopped some photos of myself in costume, looking like a fairy."

As life happens, though, the little girl's family decided to move and Sapphire said she was going to move also as a way of helping the little girl feel better about leaving. They wanted to meet though and Sapphire longed to hug the little girl.

What the little girl didn't know was that when fairies move, they get one day as a big person so they can get all their stuff moved. So, Sapphire got to spend a day with the little girl, (everyone having been tested so they were safe), answering all her questions about what it was like to be a fairy.

The woman,  sometimes known as the Fairy Sapphire, later said, "It was incredible and one of the
most important and impactful afternoons of my life thus far. I hope one day when she’s older she can understand that I truly needed her as much as she needed me these past few months. 

'This is the book she wrote me after I encouraged her to keep telling such amazing stories."


When not befriending little girls as the Fairy Sapphire, Kelly Victoria is a photographer who can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @saysthefox





  1. This is a lovely story. Of special value to me is telling the little girl that she matters, that she has a positive effect on others, and that the Fairy needed her just as much as the little girl needed the fairy.

  2. I'm typing through tears, Joyce. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder of the difference one person can make.

  3. Wendy and Becky ... so glad you enjoyed the story. It is such an inspiration to me.

  4. Great story Joyce..
    On another note, I also have a G webpage but need help, what do you recommend.