Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Going away present

One of the things I will miss about the Grass Valley area is the Nevada County Camera Club. Every month we had a chance to learn from a stunning photographer and have two pieces of work critiqued. The critique sessions were always golden, not only for the suggestions received on my own work, but for new perspectives on all the works.

April was the last meeting I got to attend and I was thrilled to find out after I got down here that both of my photos submitted for that month were picked as best in category. 

Here are the photos which were honored:

 Casa DeBlanc (best color) - friends stayed at an incredible house when we were here in Ajijic in February. As we were walking to the door one day, the light coming through a window bowled me over.

San Francisco Magic (best creative interpretation) - This beautiful city is a dance of fog and light. Compositing two separate photos helped me capture the magic. 

Thanks, NCCC for all the great lessons and friendship and the going away present.


  1. you are an amazing photographer. And you are in the middle of a world of color.. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Viv! Just signed up for a Photoshop Artistry online course ... it will be interesting to see what shows up.

  2. Congratulations, Joyce. These are wonderful.

  3. Well, you certainly deserve the recognition. I especially love the first one. The colors are great. Good job!

  4. Thanks, Pat. You should have seen the house that went with the first one.