Saturday, March 18, 2017

Forty Days of Memes: Day 1 The secret destination of all journeys

Secret destinations. What an interesting concept. As if all journeys know a secret that we don't.

But, isn't that true? We start out intending to go to grandma's house and on our way, we meet a wolf.

I am starting a new journey, moving to Ajijic, Mexico. My intentions are to have a more outdoor, walking lifestyle by a beautiful body of water where community will grow naturally. What will I actually find there? I have no idea. And, that's a bit disturbing to the control freak that lurks within each of us.

We like change. But, we like it more when it happens the way we want it to happen and brings us stuff we enjoy. However, change is it's own master and it brings us whatever it decides is appropriate.

As I spend the next several weeks letting go of the present in order to embark on the new journey, I have to wonder about this secret destination that I am unaware of. Will it be joyful beyond my expectations or will it challenge me to the bone? One nice thing about living long is I know that, whatever the secret destination is, I will be able to deal with it. Pain or joy, it will be my life.

A man I once loved and still treasure said it better than I:
"Isn't life interesting~!  The paths we choose, the challenges we face, the hardships we endure and the joy of living.  They are all connected."

"Meme" is a relatively young member of our word family, but a useful and intriguing one.  Launched by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, it now means an idea that can spread from person to person somewhat like a virus, generally carried by a few memorable words and an image.

 With the advent of Canva which makes it easy to combine words and images to share on social media, I began creating memes. For the next forty days, I will explore these small potent messengers of ideas.


  1. Joyce, wishing you a lovely life across the border. I admire you for making such a big change. Keep in touch. Perhaps Louise and I will get a way to visit. Blessings.

  2. Oh my ... wouldn't that be fun to have you and Louise come for a visit. I would do everything possible to make that happen ... just pick a date.

  3. Joyce, soon you will have to take reservations for your couch! Looking forward to reading what is next...

    1. Tracey ... the couch definitely has your name on it.

  4. Hola Senora! Ajijic was your choice and I am sure you will be pleased. It can be a wonderful, enchanted place, but as you write, the destinations we choose can also hold pain and unhappiness. I sincerely hope that your time in Ajijic will bring you only joy!

    1. Re ... the nice thing about getting rid of everything, if I decide to move on to the next spot, it will be MUCH easier. Ajijic may be "it" ... or it may be my Mexico training wheels. Looking forward to your arrival!