Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spiritual Purpose of Relationship

This powerful video from Marianne Williamson is part of Oprah's SuperSoul.TV:

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Here are the notes I took. Quotes represent her specific (and somewhat exact) words.

"The spiritual conversation is about us, about ‘we.'"

The Universe is like electricity and we are like lamps that let the light shine through. Unless we’re plugged in, we don’t shed any light.

"Enlightenment is a shift in self-perception. From body identification to spirit identification."

“If I identify with my body, my circumstances, I’m identifying with the lamp. If I identify with my spirit, I’m identifying with something much bigger than me, something which flows through me, and lights up the entire Universe."

Change thought of intention from “my intention” to the intention of the Universe.

“The Universe intends that you become the highest possible creative manifestation for this life."

If we allow ourselves to be used for the intention of the Universe, that is how we find our highest actualization, our purpose.

Three processes natural to the Universe:
1. Actualization
2. Collaboration
3. Service

“We either say ‘use me natural intelligence,’ or we don’t."

"That is wrong with the human race. We have been infected by a spiritual malignancy. That spiritual malignancy is that it’s all about me."

“When we’re not operating from that natural intelligence, we’re like lamps that aren’t plugged in."

“The sickness of our society is that we have become transactional rather than relational."

May all loving thought for all living things, past, present and future, occur here. When love is present, natural intelligence flows through.

"If your intention in any situation is to give love … "

“The highest expression is, ‘Dear God, use me.’"

"If your spirit is your primary relationship, then your relationship with other people will be correct."

“Any time I define myself, I see myself as separate from others."

“On the level of spirit, there is no place where you stop and I start."

“Every relationship is actually an assignment made by natural intelligence to foster the intentionality of the Universe."

“Relationships are laboratories of the spirit.” friction in relationships offers opportunities for soul growth. “They are the places where the wounds that we hold will be brought up because that is the only way they can be healed."

“When a person shows you their wounds, and we all have them … “  “As adults, that wound on the body (small child example), manifests as a character defect or neuroses, and instead of kissing the 'boo-boo,' we reject the person."

Right relationship to the Universe, is to be an instrument of Love. Otherwise, I’m not actualized. And, if I’m not actualized, I cannot collaborate with you. "This relationship is so that we might be collaborative in serving the flow of love through all living things."

"The reason relationships don’t work is because we are trying use them for our purpose only."

“Our purpose here is to be used for something higher than ourselves and to greet everyone we meet with that with that namaste consciousness where we know this is something holy going on here."

“We wake up in the morning and we ask that our intention be to ask natural intelligence, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And, to whom?” This puts you in right relationship and intentionality with the Universe.

"Either God is in everyone or God is in no one."

I’m just like everybody else. I’m just as wounded as everybody else. I’m just as hurt as everybody else. I’m just as hungry for love as everybody else. - that gives you empathy. That gives you compassion.

In that condition, relationship isn’t something you have to strive for. Cells are in relationship with each other. And then we heal.

In cancer, the body gets confused and starts protecting the cancer. We do that with our wounds. We coddle them, examine them, protect them.

“I might be wounded but I can choose not to act from my wound.” I am NOT my wound. My wound was a gift to help me learn.

If I’m having an awful, negative, critical, blaming, victimizing thought, I can surrender it. I am willing to think about this differently.

There is no devil “out there;” it’s in our mind. What there is in all of us is the tendency to perceive without love.

How do we make our relationships better? Pray for their happiness. That’s plugging in the lamp.

"We can take a stand for love. We can take a stand for the Universe, We can take a stand for enlightenment, We can take a stand for God, We can take a stand for our own self. That is self love"

I am a lamp through which this light is meant to shine.

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