Tuesday, February 9, 2016

For Maggi

Maggi in blue
Yesterday, a spirit left her physical body. I’m sure there were many across the planet who did the same, each leaving holes in their small circles of friends and family. Each leaving a wake of loss and grief.

My focus today, though, is Maggi Butterfield-Brown. It’s hard to capture Maggi in words; pictures of her are so much better. Seeing Maggi meant seeing her laughing, dancing, twirling in any of the outrageously unique and beautiful outfits she put together with an artist’s eye. Maggi’s energy was a vortex that pulled people in and made them feel bigger, better, more creative, and more alive.

Maggi's Buddha
Without her, without knowing that I will see that smile again, I feel smaller, somehow deflated. Yet, I know that’s the last thing Maggi would want for her flock. She was a builder-upper, an encourager. She topped off our mugs of love until they overflowed. No one went unloved in Maggi’s presence. 
Maggi, Angelo Pizelo and me at the Positive Living Center
When we talked and Maggi told me her stories, I tried to figure out where all that love and overflowing generosity came from. She didn’t have a safe, loving childhood. She didn’t have a “normal” marriage-and-children life. She was an accountant, for heaven’s sake. 

The only thing I can figure is that she brought it with her. She came swaddled in love and bright colors and her purpose was to share those things with as many people as possible. She did her job with pizazz and such incredible grace. Just watching her laughing dance was enough to make me want to climb new mountains.

Maggi at Art Walk
I’m sure there are many of us this morning trying to figure out how to go forward without Maggi’s colorful self as part of our physical world. To say she will be missed doesn’t begin to describe our loss. However, with that grief comes an overwhelming gratitude for having been in Maggi’s presence even for a short while.

Perhaps, it’s that gratitude that we have to hold onto. Also, for me, I feel a call to step deeper into my own spirit and life and try to pass along some of Maggi’s love and generosity, some of her colorful energy, some piece of that incredible gift that she gave so many of us. 
Searching for Thanksgiving pie in Costco

Thank you, Maggi … I hope you know how many of us love you and how wide your gift of love has spread. Dance on. 
 PS Another memory of Maggi: The story of pie. First, we decided to be good. Then we decided to be sorta good. Finally, we threw caution to the wind and bought a 58-ounce Costco pumpkin pie (and a half gallon of whipping cream!) and tossed the gluten-free "healthy" version where it belonged. Plus Maggi got her first in-store driving lesson. (kids beware!)


  1. Thanks to your post, I feel like a know a bit of Maggi, and for that I am grateful.

  2. What a lovely send off. I hope the Buddha finds a good home. It's unique and a wonderful reflection of its owner.

  3. My last night with Maggi was decorating a small christmas tree with her in Santa Barbara. She had a way of making me feel whole when life left me feeling empty. I'll miss you Maggi!