Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sweet Spot ... Me and My Shadow

From these colors,
a thousand flowers bloom.
Somewhere between that huge, dark, scary thing that you think perhaps you should do and that 7th episode in a row of “How I Met Your Mother,” there is a sweet spot. It seems that I often only find it after a long conversation with my other self … here’s the way it goes ...

This morning I am leaning toward that 7th episode. It’s dreary and chilly this morning. I’ve got Leonard Cohen singing love songs to me and some hot tea would be nice. There is soup in the fridge and ideas for more Spanish study cards aborning in my brain. I could stay in today.

After all, tomorrow I’m going out to Day of the Dead with some friends … friends who speak Spanish which will make my day easier. It’s a long walk to the taxi stand for Tenehapa … and I’m not completely sure I know exactly where it is. Plus, they’ll fill the taxi with other Spanish speakers and I’ll be lost in the fog … again. And, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get there. And, I don’t know for sure how to get back once the day is done. And, I don’t really belong there … … … 

Same song, 732nd verse. What will you think tonight after you’ve spent all day futzing about? Will you wish you had gone? Of course you will … so get up and go! You've got a map, you can find the taxi and who knows whom you might meet or what you might see if you go. Perhaps nothing much … perhaps a wow! You’ll never know unless you go.

But … but … but ...

(Stern silence.)

All right, already … I’m putting my shoes on.


  1. Proud of you....I know about that conversation, but with fewer obstacles and still I "futz" about. Hope your day was a good one with even just one new adventure.

    1. Well, of course, it was an incredible day. Writing about and will share pics in a bit.