Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday I went to Cambria, a quaint, artsy beach town about an hour north of here.  When I saw a man working on a huge piece of redwood, I stopped and asked if I could take pictures.  He said yes and we wound up talking about a lot of things including the huge piece he was finishing for a Canadian buyer.  The piece is intended for the entry-way of the house now being built.  One can only imagine what the house must look like.

I was fascinated by the contrast in color from the lightest blond to the deep red with swirls and patterns embedded in both.  The light was just right and I fell into the patterns as I took endless pictures not only of this piece but the many other pieces that were waiting to be worked on.

There are many images that I know will be useful in future collages ... but there is one that I'll never be able to use in a collage.  One that takes my breath away ... some how, some way, it is perfection ... an image that could never be part of something else because it is whole in and of itself.  

I did not take this picture.  It was given to me.  I call it "Holy."


  1. oh, I just want to touch it... Is it going to be anything, that we would recognize, or is it just going to be in the semi-natural state.

  2. Wow!

    did you get my emails? San Fran?......

  3. Amazing piece of wood, and love the other, too.