Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday we went to Mariposa Grove to see the giant sequoias.  It was a perfect day ... unseasonably cool and since it's only 30 minutes from our house, we were able to get there before the crowds.  The big trees are always awe inspiring and the wildflowers were in full profusion but what really caught my eye were these caterpillars/worms emerging from their silken web.  I'm not sure what they are ... in some ways kind of gross and in other ways incredible in their abundance and wriggling life force.

It reminds me that, seen and unseen, life pulses around and through us and makes me wonder what is there deep within me that is squirming toward life?


  1. Interesting shot of the web, which looks thick. I've only once seen giant sequoia; I always think of them as ladders to heaven. How inspiring it must be to take a drive and in a half-hour be able to see such magnificent trees.

  2. Love Maureen's description -- ladders to heaven.

    Squirming within each of us are those dreams we cocoon until ready to emerge.

    Fascinating thoughts you share today!

  3. Hello, great blog! Just got back from the Humboldt County (live in Oregon)two days ago, nice to think of connecting with someone else who was there at about the same time. The circumference and height of these magnificent trees and how tiny my husband and I looked and felt in their presence, reminds me of two things: the fleeting impermanence of human life compared to theirs and the "little me" ego we humans carry around with us. No wonder this forest is so sacred! I am forever grateful for all of those political activist who worked tirelessly to save this national treasure. Wondering now who witnessed these trees when they were mere saplings. Time for a dive into the history books :-). Many blessings, Amy