Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow Day

This morning dawned white and cold with even more snow forecast. I tried to back out of the last day of the Miksang workshop but two of my classmates offered me a ride through the snowy morning. And, what a day it turned out to be. A world transformed and a deeper journey into the "fields of perception" ... this time, appropriately enough, snow. As the day warmed, the snow began to melt, creating puddles and another field of perception ... reflections.

It was magical and easy to feel joyous today. The world was clean and bright covered with a soft white blanket and on Pearl Street Mall ordinary objects peeked out of the snow in extraordinary ways. I'm grateful that I let myself be pulled out of the cozy warmth of my house into the shared experience of seeing the world in a fresh way. While the image above would be considered "Miksang" ... based on a "flash of perception" ... the one below would just be considered cute. It wasn't seeing something new, I actually watched him for some time waiting for him to do something interesting.

But how could I not take his picture when he cooperated so well? More results of the day at the Miksang Snow gallery.

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  1. Great job, Joyce! I really loved Z02 and S07... and the squirrel, of course!