Granary Tree

- There are many wonders in the world
- Memory is a leaky thing
- Creating a quarterly magazine of wonders 
could help me understand and remember.

That was the thinking that sent me along the path of creating a periodic, online, with print option, magazine with the 1st volume released with the Acorn Moon on November 30, 2020.

 Wonders highlighted in Vol 3 (Flower Moon)

- Flower moon eclipse

- Black oak in spring

- Journey through Northern California

- Artists: Gerald Stone and Carol McIntyre

- How to give a bear a pill

- Where the horses sing

- Curiosity and confusion

 Print issues are $20 (includes shipping) or subscribe annually for $65,

Vol 3 available here digitally. 

Blog highlights here.

Wonders highlighted in Vol 2 (Snow Moon)

- Monsters of the Desert

- Collecting rejections

- California: 1000+ pieces of a compelling puzzle

- Thank you, Teddy Roosevelt

- Photosynthesis

- Artist: Diane Walker

This will be available free online or you can subscribe annually for $65, just email jwycoff at me dot com for details.

Vol 2 is available online here.

Blog: The Granary Tree, Vol 2: Snow Moon now available


Wonders highlighted in Vol 1: (Acorn Moon)

- Granary Trees where woodpeckers store up to 50,000 acorns.

- My journey from Reno to the mountains of East San Diego County where a glorious fall was unfolding.

- The magic of picnic tables.

- Robin Wall Kimmerer's "honorable harvest."

- Ilan Lael Foundation: organic architecture and art meets the foot hills.

Vol 1 is available online here.


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