Friday, May 6, 2022

Sweet Peace #20: Don't miss twice!


Visiting Grace

Life is hectic right now. Just found out last week that I’m moving to an apartment in Santa Barbara so there has been a flurry of planning and the beginning of the packing process. That should be a simple thing since I’ve radically downsized over the past few years, however, it is still chaotic and stressful.

Therefore, it is now Friday and I missed my Tuesday commitment to write about this Sweet Peace journey. Perhaps it's because I’ve been frustrated by having my blood glucose spike again even though it seems like I’ve been conscientiously doing what should be done. I’m now on Day 60 of no sugary foods, processed carbohydrates are a rarity, intermittent fasting for 18 hours, and walking daily. You would think my body would be singing “Hallelujah!” Maybe, it’s waiting to see if I will keep this commitment.

During the creation of  Gratitude Mojo, a transformation journey for a better life, one of the lessons learned about habits was … don’t miss twice. Life gets chaotic, so it’s almost a guarantee that something will happen to pull us away from our commitments. That’s to be expected. However, if we miss twice, we’re on a downward slope toward extinguishing the work we’ve done to create the habit. It get’s easier and easier to think: tomorrow!

Two weeks ago, I missed my Tuesday commitment and posted on Thursday. Now, it’s Friday with no Sweet Peace post made this week. I thought about just skipping this week and showing up next Tuesday. It was tempting. I have a lot of stuff to do today … and that would only be missing one week so I would still be in the safe zone. However, since I “missed” or delayed last week, skipping this week felt like too much of a gamble. I’ve gotten a lot out of these weekly posts and I want to keep this 52-week commitment.

So, here I am. Showing up. Keeping my commitment. Determined to show up next Tuesday.

Image: This week, I was invited to visit a friend’s garden, two acres of flowers, orchards, succulents, all designed with a consciousness of water and beauty. Later as I thumbed through the many photos, this canna kept catching my eye, inviting me into a creative process that became “Visiting Grace.”


  1. I admire your commitment and wish you a smooth move and transition. ❣

  2. Seems like life is throwing so many of us into a new we probably never thought we'd be in and one that involves health issues. I know I never saw my problems coming, until they just crashed what I thought was my very early years of aging. Thankfully, I am improving. Please stay in touch for you have been an important person in my life. Sending you love always. Judy S.