Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Sweet Peace #3: Perfection is not an option


I’ve been on this pot-holed journey of making peace with food and my body long enough to know that even thinking about striving for perfection is a trap … and not a peaceful one. It feeds my sense of not being good enough to be perfect and triggers a freedom rebellion that says I can do (eat) anything I want and, somehow, not suffer the consequences. That “no one’s going to tell me what to do or not do (or not eat)” mindset has been with me for decades and I wonder if it is kin to the whole anti-vax, anti-mask thing going on these days. While I can see the holes in their logic, I’ve had a harder time seeing the holes in my own mindset.

This week wasn’t bad … far from perfect, but not bad. I tweaked my guidelines and here’s where they stand right now:

I am grateful for my excellent health and I think these guidelines will improve my peaceful coexistence with my body and food:

Keep Swimming - At 76, staying in excellent health with energy to do the things I want to do is somewhat like swimming up stream. I need to remember there is a significant waterfall down stream.

Savor Everything - It’s an odd experience, but often if I want something and it’s not particularly good, I will eat more of it because it’s not satisfying the underlying hunger. If I slow down and savor what I’m eating, perhaps I’ll recognize the issue sooner and change the behavior.

Focus on Fiber - Harvard Health Publishing states that most Americans get less than half of the ideal fiber level. Beans, vegetables, and grains … whole foods over processed foods. I’ve also started taking a fiber supplement.

Auto Eating Minefield - Since I’m in the boondocks, a trip to almost anywhere can be considered a road trip and justification for junk food. It’s a lot less enticing if I have to wait till I’m home or find a place where I can get out of the car and savor what I’m eating.

Solo Sugar Blues - Sugar (for me) is an integral part of the social fabric and almost impossible to eliminate. However, there is no reason to stock my larder with sugary foods.

In the House, Down the Gullet - If any food crosses my threshold, there’s only a minimal chance it will not be eaten. Perhaps anchovies, okra, or paté might escape that fate, but why would they ever be in my house in the first place?

So, now off to a less than perfect but possibly peaceful week of Sweet Peace.


Should I be eating more fiber?