Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Been There Voices: Becky Ripley - Uprooted Miracles

We recently drove to western Maryland where Mother Nature was in full glory. In my Gratitude Mojo Journal, I gave thanks for ten mini-miracles I experienced that weekend. For these and so much more, I am grateful…


  1. Hillsides of golden trees in mid-wardrobe change
  2. Pine needles strewn on the forest floor, creating a blanket for passers-by
  3. Rushing surge of waterfalls
  4. Cozy-looking lichen-covered rocks, roots and tree trunks
  5. Layer upon layer of distant hills, Maryland’s version of a Jerry Schur painting
  6. An uprooted tree showing off her labyrinth of lacy roots
  7. Six friends professing gratitude for shared time and the gift of each other
  8. Wet leaves underfoot, softening the path with intricate shapes and a range of colors
  9. Families soaking up Mother Nature, where everything sparkled after yesterday’s rain
  10. Blue skies peeking through my surround of autumn tree branches


** Becky RipleyColumbia, MD, lover of life and card making

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Been There Voices is about us, our lives, our successes and failures, our joys and sorrows, our lessons and our gradual, hard-won wisdom. We have survived and thrived throughout whatever has come our way.

The reasons are arbitrary and not intended to dismiss half of our population, however, this project focuses on the stories of women, and begins with fourteen women, well-polished grains of sand on the beach of life, tumbled by the waves of time until their light shines through, offering their stories, joys and sorrows, to the ocean of wisdom.

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  1. I really love the image of "hills layer upon layer". I have never lived in an area that has such a view and every time I see a picture of this, it makes me long to see it. Susan larson