Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Beauty and the Beast, California Wildflowers and Climate Change

Funny story. For the past few weeks, I've been thinking about a creating a book that would help people fall in love with the environment through wildflowers. 

It would use wildflower ART instead of just photos that identify wildflowers. It would have words and stories that helped people understand the importance of wildflowers and our environment. It would stimulate action. I even designed a possible cover (above).

Then I heard about a book that sounded like my idea ... but it was pricey, so I dithered, but then finally ordered it. It arrived today and it was like someone took my etch-a-sketch idea and turned it into a golden castle gleaming on a hill.
For a moment, I was disappointed and then I understood that was how Salieri must have felt as he watched Mozart perform. 
I am in love with this book; it is an incredible work of art and soul. I believe it will touch hearts and minds around the world and inspire action. 

As Dostoyevsky says, "Beauty will save the world." Wildflowers and the beauty of this book, just might do that.

If you love wildflowers and our environment, I hope you give yourself this gift. See more of the incredible photos and the story behind it here: Beauty and the Beast.


  1. Synchronicity is something, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your story and the book.

  2. Thanks, Becky ... It is something ... almost like a conversation with the universe.