Thursday, December 22, 2016

Creating a Culture of "Speaking Up!"

In this hazardous time, I've been trying to figure out what I can do ... what I'm willing to do and still maintain my personal balance and peace.

The answer came this morning in a DailyKOS post by skynelson who offers six habits that develop a culture of speaking up. Suddenly it struck me that that's what I can do. I can be observant and speak up when I see something that's not right, whether it's in our national politics, our local community or my own heart.

It's a good article that suggests that in creating a culture of speaking up, "we don’t have to fight against people. Instead, we connect with them as citizens instead of as opponents or cogs in the machine. We change the system by connecting with people, leading by example and speaking from the heart. We become more aware of our mutual interconnectedness and of our own personal leadership role in society."

Here are his six habits to creating a habit of speaking up:

1.    Be Mindful

By cultivating mindfulness we are more likely to recognize opportunities to do good. (More)

2.    Show Kindness

When speaking up, we may feel that we have to overcome someone else. Instead, we can use kindness to enroll the other person in our vision. (More)

3.    See and acknowledge all sides

Seeing all sides allows us to understand how our cause may resonate for other people. We can then speak directly to their humanity, rather than trying to convince them to agree with us. (More)

4.    Assume commonality

The outside labels that define us are not who we really are, rather they arise from conclusions we have drawn from past experiences. If we can see past a person’s learned reactions in order to see the shared human emotions underneath, we can create connection. That connection allows us to speak up more authentically, respectfully and effectively. (More)

5.    Don’t be attached to a particular outcome

Speaking up is about you, and the culture of action that you create in your own habits. You don’t have control over the response you get. What is important is building the habit of speaking up, increasing mindfulness, and building a society that notices. (More)

6.    Set the stage for synchronicity

When we do these things and step forward, something amazing happens: I suspect the cosmos is designed to respond constructively to our action. The universe is a canvas waiting for us to step forward with ideas and convictions so it can respond in supportive ways that guide us. We should make it a habit! (More)


  1. I can do this, too! Thanks, Joyce.

    1. Becky ... we need to remind each other. My guess is we will be tested!

  2. Thanks for summaring and sharing this post, Joyce. I am grateful that it spoke so directly to you, and keep up the good work you are doing bringing more light into the world. I love your website!

    1. Sky ... thanks for such a great prompt. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. I hope that the many on Facebook, think about those 6 habits. It would be a kinder world and not so divisive.

  4. Vivian ... thanks for your comments and I agree that we need to work toward a kinder world. There is such fear and anger in the world right now ... may we find ways to heal. Best to you and Ralph for the holidays and for 2017!

  5. What wonderful habits to invest in! Thank you JOyce for the inspiration, and the push! :)

    Many hugs and much love this Christmas.

  6. Hola, Louise ... miss you!! Happy holidays and let's reconnect in 2017.