Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stepping into Stillness

 "Today my intent is to step into stillness and let the Universe handle the details."
-- message from Krystina Morgainne in her daily "Wow Moments"  

Yesterday was Day 2 of the private "garage sale/party/meet the new neighbors" event that was part of my relocation process.  Only a few things were priced, everything else was ... take what you want, drop something in the red basket.  It worked fine and I didn't have to obsess over pricing and worry about haggling.  It left me free to visit and tell stories about the departing "treasures."  It also "cleaned the cupboard" ... everything else now goes with me.  I like this process of clearing space every few years.  It gives me a chance to re-evaluate all the stuff around me and see shifts ... where something was too important to let go of two years ago, now it is easy to see that I've moved on and no longer need its energy.

Preparing for the garage sale was a detail and I didn't realize how noisy it was until it was over, the people were gone and stillness flowed around me.  Today I'm doing an Artist Statement/Rackcard workshop at Timberline Gallery.  There will be many details swirling around me ... I turn them all over to the Universe and will stay in this stillness.

About this image:  Searching for Peace

 This is a piece I did a few years ago when I was desperately searching for peace.  I put a bunch of old art into the garage sale and was delighted when it all found homes.  The stimulus images were a portion of a mosaic floor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport and a rock garden I visited in Big Sur where a "Peace" sign was hanging in a tree.  

It reminds me of how far I've come on my journey and how blessed I am to have found peace and a life that brings me joy every day.


  1. Mark Nepo spoke yesterday of our need to be aware of what no longer serves us and periodically to empty ourselves of what we've taken in so that we can stay close and alive to what is sacred. Your practice of letting go seems to exemplify how that works.

  2. Thanks Maureen ... I envy your day with Nepo ... that must have been amazing!

  3. I like what you wrote and I like what Maureen wrote and I like the stillness of it all!

    Thank you.