Monday, April 4, 2011

Sea Wisdom

"Seize the opportunity of a lifetime 
during the lifetime of the opportunity."
-- Guadalupe Barjas

Wisdom can be found anywhere but it is always a bit of a start when it shows up in unusual places.  

I've just returned from a week's cruise with four friends.  We spent time reviewing our lives and thinking about what's next.  It was a lovely, peaceful week and the gentle motion of the ship and the forced focus of my days prompted a torrent of writing.  But, I don't think anything I wrote has quite the wisdom and lilt as the above words which came from the grandfather of the ship-board doctor who was erasing the wrinkles of time from the faces of many of the travelers.  

My roommate was one of the people who emerged from the trip looking youthfully refreshed, not only by the ministrations of the doctor but by the stories and wisdom he shared that had been passed down from his grandfather.

About the Image:  Along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta there are incredible statues ... permanent pieces of art.  Just beyond them on the beach every morning new art arises as sand artists create elaborate works that can only be enjoyed in the short hours between tides.


  1. Welcome back! So glad you had such a wonderful cruise.

    What a marvelous sand sculpture.

  2. Yes! Welcome back! It sounds like a wonderfully fulfilling and relaxing time.

    And yup -- I'd have loved to have been beside you!

    Love the sculpture.

    Wow! to put such effort and energy into something so beautiful knowing it will soon be swept away -- that is commitment to living in the moment of NOW!