Art as Service

Art Dedicated to the World

An interesting thing happens as we get closer to the end of life: our priorities change and we begin to put our affairs in order and think more about our legacy.

I feel this shift as I explore my 70s. I have lived a blessed life and am grateful for so much. One of the many joys in my life has been that I get to make art. With that has come the rather shocking surprise that some people are willing to buy what I make. (The Vegas odds against that had to be gargantuan.)

All of this drew me into a conflict of sorts. I LOVE making art. And, it’s way fun when someone buys it. However, I really don’t need the money. (Thank you, Social Security for forcing me to sock money away … and to Mexico for giving me a glorious … and affordable … place to live.) But, because of the cost of producing the art, I can’t afford to give it away.

**** wheels turning ****

What came out of all this cogitation is what I’m calling Art Dedicated to the World.

100% of the profits of my art sales … (defined as Sales Price less Cost of Production) will be given to worthy organizations … to be determined by the first buyer of a piece. The piece will also be made available to that organization to use in any way helpful to their efforts.

"Child of Wonder"
For instance, Bob Branstrom was the first purchaser of “Child of Wonder.” He has many organizations close to his heart, but he chose "Teaching Tolerance," Southern Poverty Law Center's education program as the recipient of the proceeds from this particular piece of art.  All future profits from sales of this piece will be donated to them in honor of each purchaser.

Caveat: In the highly unlikely case that someone wants to purchase a piece of art with the suggestion of a recipient organization called “Americans Against Everything that We Hold Dear,” I reserve the right to request a different organization or refuse to make the sale.

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  1. Absolutely...Wonderful!! I am an Artist and doing a show that is co-created Art,,with a group we call WINGS,,Women Inspiring Natural Growth and Spirituality...Bless this action you have taken,,we are Ministers here to create a world of Love and Service..Bless you in your endeavors..know that I am here to assist in anyway...We are all in this together..Contributing to a Higher Good for everyone!! Thank-you for sharing this with how exciting ..